iMAC-FUN Project

 Our group has identified the essential role of two effector pathways in macrophages, LAP-dependent phagosome responses and nutritional immunity via iron starvation, in antifungal immunity. Unpublished work in our lab demonstrates a master regulatory role of iron on macrophage metabolism and antifungal host defense. Specifically, we identified a central role of lipid metabolism in optimal activation of the LAP pathway with major implications in pathogenesis of IMI and direct translational impact on therapeutic interventions. More importantly, we have identified novel iron regulators on lipid metabolism. Collectively, these important findings result in a new model of physiological immune response linking Iron metabolism with (i) autophagy-dependent (LAP) and (ii) autophagy-independent host defense pathways in macrophages (cartoon). The IMAC-FUN project will provide mechanistic insights on the role of complex immunometabolic defects in development of IMI and paves the way for targeted therapeutic strategies harnessing iron and lipid metabolism.